Phone: +01 (410) 516-7135
About Me:
I am a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science (EPS) at Johns Hopkins University. I have the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Graduate Student Fellowship and spend about half my time with the Space Research Exporation Group (SRE). My Ph.D. advisors are joint between Dr. Olivier Barnouin (my research advisor) and Dr. Darrell Strobel (my academic advisor).
Research Interests:
I am primarily interested in the role impact cratering and other geological processes have on the surface evolution of planetary bodies in the solar system. I investigate this through the use of direct observations of planetary surfaces (images and topography), measurEments of surface roughness, and by modeling different geological processes. // +01 (410) 516-7135
Olin Hall 301 // 2800 N. Charles Ave. // Baltimore 21211 // USA